Bill's Gigulator - Web Publishing

Bill's Gigulator allows you to publish your shows and posts several different ways.

Json Feed - A JSON Feed with raw post or show information in it. You must parse it, and figure out how you want to display it. This requires a programer but it is totally customizable. Paging and filtering can be controlled via the url.

Html stream - The shows and posts will be sent wrapped in standard html with css tags. You must figure out how to style it and wrap an html page around it. The encoding is utf-8. This is not an html page, you have to get the stream using javascript or php etc, create your own page and then display this stream. Many layout options can be controlled via the url.

Iframe Shows, Iframe Posts - Requires HTML, and optionally a CSS style Sheet. This is the easiest and quickest way to display your schedule. The con is you have some limited choices in the way the data is displayed. Search engines won't be able to see your info so well and there is no auto height, so you will need ugly scroll bars.

RSS Feeed - Now working!!Users can subscribe to your RSS feed. You can also find widgets on Facebook/Myspace to display your calender.

iCal Subscription - This is an ".ics" feed intended for private use. It allow the gigulator to display your schedule information on iCal/Google Cal or other calendar's that support ics subscriptions.