The HTML Feed

This option sends show/post data to your server wrapped in html tags. It is not an html page, just a stream. You should capture the stream and place it on your webpage using php javascript etc... See php example below. It has the same options as the iframe feed plus the following layout options:

Layout Options Shows

Layout Options for Posts

Php Example

function bgig_html_shows($siteid, $old=0,$limit=0,$offset=0,$page=1,$unit="n",
                         $date_f="", $image="",$layout="",
                         $tbl=false, $calendar=false)
    $url = "{$siteid}";
    if ($old > 0  )  $url .= "&old={$old}";
    if ($limit > 0)  $url .= "&lim={$limit}";
    if ($offset > 0) $url .= "&off={$offset}";
    if ($page  > 1)  $url .= "&pg={$page}";
    if ($unit != "n")$url .= "&unit={$unit}";

    if ($image    ) $url .= "&img={$image}";
    if ($layout   ) $url .= "&lout={$layout}";  // default is "depvatkn"
    if ($year_hdr ) $url .= "&yhdr=1";
    if ($month_hdr) $url .= "&mhdr=1";
    if ($calendar ) $url .= "&cal=1";
    else if ($tbl ) $url .= "&tbl=1";
    if ($date_f	  ) $url .= "&datef=".urlencode($date_f);//escape me

    //echo "URL:$url<br>"; /debug
    $html_gigs = file_get_contents($url);
    if ($html_gigs == false) {
        return "<p>There is a problem with the data feed. Please try again later.</p>";
    return $html_gigs;