.ICS subscriptions (iCal/Google Cal Sync)

Bill's Gigulator allows you to sync your private schedule information with iCal, Google Cal, Yahoo Calendar (Beta), Outlook???, and other calendars that suport .ics subscriptions. (This means you can view your music schedule on your iPod and your iPhone!) This is not intended for public use as it will include everything you have put in the gigulator. Rehearsals, Recording session, hidden gigs etc.

What is sent

Bill's Gigulator will send all future and 45 days of past bookings. This includes Rehearsals, Recordings, Events and whatever user defined categories have been created. Included in each event is "Time, Project, Venue Name, Venue Address, and a link to the booking in Bill's Gigulator. (So you can double click it and edit it)".

if a gig is unconfirmed, we put a '?' in front of it. If it is cancelled we mark it as cancelled.


Because musicians and clubs operate at night, times are handled a bit differently then most calendar programs. When a musician gets booked for a Midnight gig on Saturday, although it is technically Sunday morning, we assume you don't want to see that on your calendar for sunday, but saturday night. So this is what we do:

  1. We attempt to look at the "Show time", if we can find a number there like 7pm we use it as the start time.
  2. If we can't find a number there we just use 12pm.
  3. If you have a start time past 10pm (up till 3am???) we tell iCal the start time is 10pm.
  4. To keep things simple... we fix all gig durations to two hours.
Note is this too confusing?? perhaps this should be a user or site option... perhaps this should be a user id passed in here and not a site/account id.

Try it

Find the subscribe option in your calendar program and fill in the following url.

http://publish.twelvepoint.net/shows.ical?site=your_site_id http://publish.twelvepoint.net/shows.gcal?site=your_site_id

Where your site id is XXXX. FINISH ME

Google Cal Users

Note: Due to a bug in the way goggle cal interprets "floating" or "localtime" you will see your events have incorrect times. The fix for this is to go to Google Cal, click on the "Calendar Settings" for Bill's Gigulator subscription. Then find the option for "Calendar Time Zone" and set it to "(GMT+00:00) GMT (no daylight saving)".